Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yamato of Digimon

Do you remember when we were kids, we all imitated characters. I took the shoes of Yamato or Matt of Digimon. He had that appeal to me as a kid. He was the rebel yet still pursued the greater good for all with friendship as his main virtue. I can remember it clearly that the only way to realize the power of the crest of Friendship was when the virtue was fully exhibited in the bearer. I remember when his was realized; he felt so helpless that he could not help his friends. He only thought of his friends and saving them. And with that, his digimon was able to evolve. That is why I wanted to learn how to play the harmonica because Matt could and plays it during his softest times. 

Maybe, I imitated him because I envy him. I envied him because he has the virtue of Friendship and I don't. He could be the filling in to my frustrations, perhaps. Since elementary, I only had a handful of friends. I actually do not know if they were really my friends. Up to the present, I share the same dilemma with my 6-year old me. I've always wondered why. I could be imitating more people and treat it as myself; therefore, I lose myself. I tried to imitate no one and try to live it up. Still, no luck. The best people, I believe are those who has personality, whether strong or not, as long as they have a good grip on it. Do I have one? Do I have my own scent?, as the movie Perfume puts it.

Ewan ko. Hindi ko alam. Sana'y mahanap ko yung isang tao na magiging ka-akbay ko buong buhay. Naghihintay at Naghahanap ako para sa iyo.  
Friday, March 11, 2011

About Time

I believe it's again time to revive this.

Now, About ATHEISM.

I have been joining atheist groups in Facebook for a couple of weeks now. In actuality, I'm not an Atheist or nowhere near it; I'm just observing them and see how their arguments play. So far, I am not quite happy about their plausible, or if I really must call them, arguments. They all throw this stuff against the Roman Catholic Church. ONLY TO THE RCC. What they are throwing are all crappy and absurdity.

For now, I will speak about them. I am not generalizing the whole Atheist group but only the individuals I have seen in Facebook. We have the calamity coming- the tsunami from Japan. They are all whining how people in facebook are asking fo God's help and prayers. Yes, they may think that it is absurd- how we call for help, for them, from an imaginary being. But if I will be given a chance to ask them, I will raise the point of alternatives. What should we do, if we do not ask for help? What can we do? Go to the coastal areas and save all the people? Go to Japan and give them relief goods? I mean, we are in a situation where we are just waiting for the calamity to happen. Nobody can stop it. And they present no alternative for they do not have a so-called imaginary and all-powerful being to ask help for. At least for theist, they have Someone to ask help for. Not only that, it gives them that hope and light that there is an omnipotent God that will take care of them.  Furthermore, it keeps the people from sinking into despair. With that hope, they are able to act because they know that WE will be safe at the end of the day. And what is it for the Atheist? Die in despair.

Religion has existed for a reason. Not only because of Morality but also of practical reasons. Religion, even in the sociological perspective, plays an important role in a micro and macro levels of society.

And so, I believe that Theism is still better than Atheism.
Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Aba! AHA! ALA na.

ABA, Marso na pala! Ano na ba ang naabot mo? Ako kaya? Na-eexcite ka na ba sa graduation mo? Sa pagiging sophomore mo?

AHA! Kay, galing naman nitong buwan na ito. Pagkatapos nito,

Ala nang lahat!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Bakit ba nag-aaral kung wala namang pupuntahan pagkatapos?

Bakit pa nagbukas ng account sa YM kung wala namang kumakausap sa iyo?

Bakit pa nagfacebook kung wala namang tumitingin sa profile mo? 

Buti pa sa Multiply, may nailagay ako at naitagong mga litrato.

Kay daming tanong. Kay daming taong maaring sumagot. Ngunit ako lamang ako makapagbibigay ng eksaktong mga salita. :(
Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sobra lamang ako natuwa. :)

Maganda, hindi ba?


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